Ben isco-founder of Aria Glassworks, an augmented reality startup
formerly part of Yelp's Mobile Team, the creator of Monocle AR
a graduate of the EE BS program at Stanford University
formerly co-artistic director of Stanford Swingtime
an alumnus of Microsoft Research Asia
an alumnus of SwayLaw
an alumnus of the Rotary Youth Exchange Program to Taipei
on twitter @newhouseb

Past Talks
2/6CS193PiPhone Application Development: Yelp Monocle (Stanford iTunes U link)
4/21ARConfSci-Fi to Sci-Fact: How Computer Vision Will Change AR and the World
4/24VTMiPhone Sci-Fi: What's Possible and How with Augmented Reality
6/2AREBuilding Yelp's Monocle